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How to Purge Samples in PLAY


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Is there a way to purge samples in PLAY? I've been away from EastWest libraries for a bit, and have mainly been using Kontakt libraries. But have taken the plunge back into EastWest ComposersCloud. I have gotten so used to the purge feature in Kontakt, but can't seem to find how to do it in PLAY. Any help much appreciated.

Jerry Growl

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There is an option when you go to the Play engine File menu ->below you will find 'Advanced Instrument Properties'.

Next you will see a screen showing all instruments loaded in the Play instance, offering an overview of advanced controls such as tuning (historic, modern, arabic, indian, etc), transpose and other.

There is another tab at the top of this menu 'Sample Purge'. Here you can select which articulations to purge. The Used Memory as shown in the main Player screen will drop. But my free system memory doesn't all add up to that . I think in purge mode a large part of RAM is still reserved by Play. The difference when disabling the instrument track is relatively huge.
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