How to get legato violins to be on time


it is difficult to get legato violin patches to line up on the beat. moving the notes back by two sixteenth notes usually works, but this is not always the case depending on what the melodic line is. also, if i don't have the notes overlap with each other throughout the duration of a melodic line, the succeeding disconnected note will not play until much, much later. are there any techniques you do to get your legato violin patches to play on the beat? I'm using cinestrings for this. Thanks


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I forget which knob it was for cinestrings. But in your situation seems like you have the legato retrigger knob turned all the way up for your notes that don't overlap.

But for notes taht overlap and cause you a bit delay, welcome to the business of true legato :)


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Just play with the notes until they fit, like ctsai said and you might wanna put a delay -60ms or so on your midi track, depending on the DAW you're using.