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How to download a library from Komplete - to which ever folder i want?

Goldie Zwecker

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Once upon a time, long long ago, i bought Komplete Ultimate and installed it on my D drive (ssd). I updated to KU12. In the meanwhile, my D drive got full - but i have other drives with enough free space on them. I'm trying to download one of the libraries (middle east) but it won't let me:
1) It seems the default location is D drive. When i try to download, a message pops up saying there isn't enough space on my drive.

2) Ok, so i click on the magnifying glass icon and it let's me choose any other location. I choose my E drive or a folder within that drive and a message pops up saying the path is invalid. I try to specify my H drive and get the same message.

Is there a way to specify where i want this library to download?
I noticed in the past, that once i download an NI library, i can afterwards move it to wherever i want (but that's after i downloaded it to the D drive).
Is there a way to specify an alternative location before the download? Am i skipping a stage in this process?
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