How to delete ones own thread ?

river angler

Active Member
Can the administrator please advise how one can delete a superfluous thread?

Today I cocked up the initial post to a new thread. I have posted a new correct version but am now wondering how I can get rid of the old one that's now just sitting there taking up forum space!...?

Mike Greene

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I deleted it for you.

In case anyone wonders what the general policy is with this, you have the option to delete from your end (there's a menu at the upper right, I think) as long as it's before anyone comments. Once someone has commented, though, you can no longer delete it, because we believe it would unfair to the other members to have their posts unilaterally deleted. (This happens sometimes where someone starts a thread about a controversial topic, or says something really stupid, then gets mad that other people respond accordingly.)

So a moderator needs to do the deleting in those cases. Just "Report" the post to get our attention and say you'd like it deleted. Most of the time (like with you), it's totally benign and makes sense, so we delete it.


the plumber
^ Another thing members can do, is EDIT their first post instead of creating a new one. That way it will have the right content they want. :) If you look next to the Report link, the next one is Edit (at least on my end).