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How to deal with windows?(no, not Microsoft)



So I moved to a new place around 2 months ago and are just getting started improving this place for recording/mixing purposes. Unfortunately there's alot of windows in this room, which is a big downside, especially since I'm planning to do alot of acosutic recordings here(vocals, guitars etc).

Another bummer is that there is no door available to my room. I think I could solve this by mounting wheels to a bookshelf, which could easily be moved, to help tighten up the room for sessions.

This is a rent atm, so I can make any permanent changes.

I was wondering if you guys ever had to deal with something similar for a period of time, and if you found any practical soulutions that are relatively simple(I don't have alot of time nor superior building skills).
I understand that I eventually have to move if I seriously needed an ideal room, but that's not an option for now, so I'm trying to make the best of what I've got.
The positive side of this room is that it got alot more space than I'm used to, which makes it alot easier to bring in musicians.

I'm thankful for any suggestion or idea :)


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