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How to Beef Up an Intense Trailer Track!


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Hey friends! I wanted to share an excerpt of a lesson I had with one of my friends and students, Shaheen. He's currently working on a couple of tracks, this one being a big trailer one! I hope you enjoy our discussion. :) It's always fun working on genres that aren't my go-to, so I learn a lot in the process as well!

0:00 Overview and demonstration
3:24 Extending the piece
4:34 Less is more
8:43 Using the harmonic series to figure out voicings
13:12 Modulation curves
18:17 How to fill in high frequencies in final climax
20:21 Breathing for brass
22:05 Beefing up a transition
23:40 Percussion suggestions
25:16 Creating more interest in the intro
30:16 Ostinato ideas for final climax
35:07 Percussion thoughts and final recap

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