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How much is EIS?


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Hey guys. I'm interested in EIS but I was just wondering how expensive the lessons are? At least to cover up to book 1 and 2?


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Danny, it varies. My teacher charged $100 per lesson. The entire course consists of 227 lessons but that doesn't mean you have to take 227 lessons to complete it. I've double up some, and I know that other students have too. You should definitely talk to Craig Sharmat or to Lilith Murphy.


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I'm just starting with EIS (next week projected that is).

So yeah, talk to Lilith about it (or Craig who's here in the Forum). But to say that, it's not like a huge upfront fee, but it's lesson based and depending on teacher very flexible. You can take some time off, focus on using your acquire knowledge, that should mostly be no problem. It's designed for the working composer, the teachers/graduates are working composers themselves, so there is a great degree of understanding the "reality of life". It's not constructed like a traditional university thing, but as said, Lilith and teachers can give you more/better info, especially concerning the flexibility and financial aspect :)
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