How much is a Conductor in London for a 3-hour session?


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What are the normal rates for a conductor in London for a 3-hour session?

Let's say everything has been orchestrated, arranged and fixed.

Strings only for a commercial album.

Roughly how much?


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You're asking this in the sample library forum. Maybe someone might know, but must of us live behind computer screens, not podiums.


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Factoring a base rate for an orchestral player at approx £250-£300 per 2 hr session. a session conductor would expect 1.5 to 2 times that.


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Orchestral sessions are by the three hour block.

And besides, leaders generally are 1.5-2x the regular musician rate.

Conductors are generally 3-4x the regular musician rate.

But, it will depend.


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Depends on the conducter and where in London. If there are any union rates @Daryl would probably know.

But it sounds like you're asking how much Thai food costs in London. It all depends on quality, location, availability and demand.

I can recommend Ben Foster but couldn't find any website or anything for him.
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