How many Gigabytes/Terabytes do your sample libraries total?


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Sitting at just under 20 terabytes as of this afternoon:

11.6tb = Kontakt
3.6tb = EXS24
2.4tb = raw wav + aiff samples and loops
1.9tb = various "ROMpler"-style libraries (Vienna, BFD, Superior, Play, HZ Strings, Whitaker Choir, Phobos, etc.)

All on SSD. My wallet hurts.

To be fair, that's thirty years of collecting, but it's really gone through the roof these last five years or so. It started out as a briefcase full of floppies.


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2.6 TB's on Raid10 SSD's here on my main machine. I have everything backed up, to my 32TB NAS (using WD Reds) with back up's on two single 10 TB WD RED (one at my parents and another in the garage) of course cloud back-up. And to think, when i got started this June of this year i figured a 500 SSD external Samsung t5 would be enough. I was so young and innocent then. ** insert gif of Matt Damon aging in Saving private Ryan**


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I didn't really count... but I had a 12TB backup system that was full about a year ago. So I switched to a 24TB backup. Beside samples this backup includes the system drive and song file drives. So I might be at 13TB (after adding and (re)sampling a good amount of stuff over the year).
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Cinematic Studio Brass has just pushed me over the 1TB threshold, and have had to do some shuffling around on my discs, I now need to get another SSD to go with my 1TB SSD. Think I might go for a 2TB one.

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What ? You certainly mean Yottabytes (1000.000.000.000 terrabytes) !
And with the libs I'm gonna buy in 2019 it probably won't be enough.
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I feel much better now, I have about 2 TB of Kontakt libraries, and another 1 TB for everything else. Terra Bytes? Sometimes it is a little off-putting, since I still have boxes of floppies for the EPS and S900.

I'm nearly out of space on the three 1TB SSDs, trying to decide what to do next, as there are no additional Sata ports on my motherboard.


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20TB is a LOT.
Yes it is - almost too much. The time spent managing, organizing, updating, and backing up all that crap is getting to the point where it's counter-productive. Forget about cloud backups, just duplicating it all to spinning drives and driving to the safe-deposit box once a month is enough hassle for me.

Part of the problem is that with many modern Kontakt libraries you can't easily reduce their size by keeping what you like and deleting the rest. A Kontakt-player library won't easily let you do "save-outs" of just the content you want, and even with most ordinary Kontakt libraries it's difficult, if not impossible, to manage the dependencies between instruments and the sample content they require. This makes for situations where multiple instruments refer to a single copy of a sample, so even if you go to the trouble of doing save-outs of just the ones you want, the resulting folder is sometimes actually bigger than the source was, since you've now duplicated sample content when multiple instruments previously referenced only a single copy in the original source. Trying to condense the results of save-outs can work, and I have done this successfully... but what a freaking chore. In the end you have to decide what's "cheaper" - the cost of your time to reduce and condense, or the cost of just sighing and hitting "add to cart" on some more SSDs.

And, of course, things like Play libraries, Spitfire's HZ Strings, etc. appear to the user as monolithic bricks that you can't peel apart at all, so the terabytes go by quickly once you're in that world.

This is all a bummer because I only use about 1 in 100 sounds in any given library, but I can't easily discard what I know I'll never use. This is part of why I love converting things to EXS - I'm forced to decide if any given sound is worth the trouble, and the resulting "greatest hits" bank is a fraction of the size of the original, and organized, named, and folder-ated in a clear and logical manner that makes it a breeze to compare spiccato violins from various libraries with a press of the down-arrow key.

Still, as much as I groan, it's still better than that old briefcase full of floppies!
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