How do you use Your reverb on orchestral samples?

Discussion in 'Mixing, Post-Production, and Effects' started by S R Krishnan, May 13, 2019.

  1. S R Krishnan

    S R Krishnan Member

    Sep 14, 2018
    Please share some of your workflow tips on using reverb on orchestral samples and your go to reverb plugins.
  2. Meetyhtan

    Meetyhtan Noise Maker

    Currently, I have only one reverb channel and I link all my instruments to it. Then, I adjust the amount of reverb for each individually. It's a very fast workflow and I like when everything is playing in the same virtual room by only using one reverb instance. Also it's very CPU efficient.
    However, I recently thought about splitting it up into sections. One reverb for strings, brass, percussion etc. seperatly. I hope to achieve a bit more flexibility by that.
    My current reverb plugin is RC48.
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  3. OP
    S R Krishnan

    S R Krishnan Member

    Sep 14, 2018
    Thanks :) RC 48 is from NI right?
  4. Meetyhtan

    Meetyhtan Noise Maker

    Exactly! Got it in Komplete.
    I've only heard very positive reviews about it and I'm not thinking about switching anytime soon.
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  5. BenG

    BenG Senior Member

    - I have every instrument routed through a single instance of VSS2 to get the rough stage/panning correct.

    - Then, I have sends set-up for each section of the orchestra with a convolution reverb (Spaces). I.e. One for Woods, Brass, Strings, Perc, Choir, etc.

    - Lastly, everything passes through the same algorithmic reverb (B2) to add a bit of tail and glue everything together.
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  6. OP
    S R Krishnan

    S R Krishnan Member

    Sep 14, 2018
    Ah nice! VSS2 is an alternate to MIR pro right? How do you compare that to MIR?
  7. BenG

    BenG Senior Member

    Yes, they are similar. I've always liked VSS2, but some are not a fan and say that it colours the sound slightly. Have never tried MIR, would love to hear from someone who has both!
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  8. Divico

    Divico Senior Member

    do you send your spaces instances through the glue verb?
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  9. BenG

    BenG Senior Member

    I'll send the 'Group Tracks' to the 'Master Verb'
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  10. Tice

    Tice Active Member

    Jun 10, 2018
    On my large orchestral template that I'm currently using I have 5 different fx tracks with reverbs, all the same Spaces reverb but each track has a little less direct sound to it than the previous one did. This creates an orchestra 5 rows deep. The brass is the exception to this, I'm using Spitfire Symphonic Brass in an otherwise VSL orchestra. But Spitfire recorded the space as well, not just the instrument (dry), so I use that without adding additional reverb. Figuring out how much of the room mics to use was a bit tricky, but I'm happy with the result in the end.
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  11. oxo

    oxo Active Member

    Feb 27, 2011
    depends on the libraries used (micposition, room, panning). my standard set up includes two different space instances. one with a stage IR. and one with a hall IR. all sends go to the hall IR for the tail. the very dry libraries go through the stage IR first (for positioning and ER) and then to the hall.
    sometimes, for pieces with short notes (spicc pattern, etc.), i use an additional reverb for the shorts with other settings, so that it does not get washed out or the rhythm is influenced by reverb and pre-delay.
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  12. AdamKmusic

    AdamKmusic Active Member

    Dec 30, 2016
    I've always wondered, does, for example, Hans Zimmer @Rctec use additional reverb on his orchestra after he's recorded at somewhere like air. I guess it's kind of similar to using samples without the additional build up of noise/reverb from the millions of mics you're using when playing in samples.
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  13. goalie composer

    goalie composer Active Member

    Oct 21, 2013
    Are you using vss2 on libs recorded in situ as well?
  14. BenG

    BenG Senior Member

    Yes, and mostly using the library specific presets it comes with. I should also mention that I'm initial, baked-in room ER so all libraries are roughly in the same space to start. This is done with raising or lowering close, far mics.


    CB Core + Pro
    Spitfire Perc
    Storm Choir
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  15. OP
    S R Krishnan

    S R Krishnan Member

    Sep 14, 2018
    Thank you guys! So much of learning here!
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  16. JohnG

    JohnG Senior Member

    Nov 13, 2007
    If your question is, "in general, do major film scores add additional reverb besides the room sound?"

    The answer is "yes," they do, typically.

    About HZ in particular I don't know for sure, but I can hear some pretty unusual things going on with his mixes. Moreover, they vary considerably from project to project. He may be the one top composer who follows a varied and idiosyncratic path to post-production of orchestra. So a blanket "yes/no" answer for him in particular is going to pave over what really happens.
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  17. chimuelo

    chimuelo Star Of Stage & Screen

    May 14, 2007
    Between 120-150bpm
    Marcato Pizz Cellos sounds fantastic with a reverse or even gated reverb.
    But it’s just what I prefer live when doing Electric Light Orchestra style stuff, Trans Siberian, etc.
    Adjust the slope or decay and have fun.
    I’m using a Strymon Big Sky but it’s basically Code on a Custom Chip. So Native verbs should have similar Algos.

    My recent favorite is a Reverse Gated Spring.
    It’s just not normal which is why I like it more.
  18. Beat Kaufmann

    Beat Kaufmann Active Member

    Hi S R Krishnan
    Have a look >>> here... an old thread about reverb and orchestra.

    All the best
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  19. AdamKmusic

    AdamKmusic Active Member

    Dec 30, 2016
    I only use Hans as an example as he is synonymous with Air studio and obviously that amazing room sound
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  20. Bear Market

    Bear Market Member

    May 9, 2017
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    I know this wasn't directed at me but I thought I'd try to sneak in a question anyway :)

    What (if any) difference would you say it is between placing the ER portion of a reverb as an insert on a group channel as opposed to on a send?

    Thanks by the way for all your contributions on this forum. :)
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