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How do YOU control Shorts and Accents with CC - Kontakt/Play


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First time caller, long time listener. I've an itch to buy a new library or two, but I've hit a snag which I've spent days pouring over Kontakt in an effort to solve. In short, I want to control dynamics of shorts with CC1 and add accents relative to that dynamic with velocity. I do this because I don't like having to constantly balance velocity curves on input and notes after the fact.

It appears VSL, Bravura Brass, Spitfire and Berlin provide options to control short notes with CC1 instead and the latter three offer accenting in various ways, but that massively limits the market for me. In case interested, I already own the VSL Special Edition and Bravura Brass.

So far I've added a Fixed Velocity script to each Kontakt instrument, linked to CC1 to control the velocity and then another CC to control the actual volume of a second Kontakt instrument that just plays staccato/whatever.

Is this the best way? Is there some script or Kontakt multi script that people find valuable for solving this problem? And in the case of PLAY, is this an option you can enable?
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