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Home studios: what's your primary DAW?

What's your primary DAW?

  • Reaper

  • Ableton

  • Cubase

  • Reason

  • FL Studio

  • Pro Tools

  • MOTU

  • Mixcraft

  • Logic Pro

  • Cakewalk Sonar

  • Bitwig

  • Other

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I specify and emphasize home studio as Pro Tools would probably win in a landslide for those running a business :) If it's just for you and impressing clients by using the so-called "industry standard" isn't a concern, what do you prefer?

Also hopefully you have tried at least several others to comparison shop :)


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Cubase for composition and ProTools for mixing. My dream DAW will be the combination of Cubase & DP :dancedance:


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Logic, but I also use Cubase, and Studio One for different tasks. I've recently been exploring Digital Performer, and man it has some great features. I'm surprised its not a more commonly used DAW. I know its big it the film and TV composition world. But would have thought it would be right up there with Logic and Cubase. Interested to see what their new version does. Seems like they trying to pull more EDM users with the new clips feature.


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Studio One here. Was on Mixcraft from V5 to 8, but the devs never addressed problems in MIDI and automation. Tried DP 9 for a year but could never get comfortable in it. Spent way too much time in the 1000 page manual. For S1 I rarely have had to refer to the manual. Very intuitive yet lots of features I like plus they are only on version 4 so growing fast.
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my office these days
I don't currently have a primary platform - well, if there is time pressure I use Sonar, I've been using it since CWPA, and I can work more quickly with it.

When there is no gun pointed at my head I am using Studio One and Digital Performer - trying to figure out if one is better, or perhaps I'll start using two? Or three???


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Pro Tools at work for compatibility...., and well... because I still think PT is king when it comes to audio editing/working to picture, working fast/under the gun with clients. Nuendo at home. Though I do have my own copy of PTHD at home, I rarely use it. REALLY loving Nuendo as I just made the crossgrade from Cubase. Sometimes a little Ableton in rewire mode for quick sound design as well.


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These days I mostly use Logic and Studio One, Logic for bigger projects, Studio One for smaller ones and for sketching.


Digital Performer. It just works.

Also, the survey should say Digital Performer... not MOTU. Otherwise, it should say Apple instead of Logic, Avid instead of Pro Tools, etc.


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Reaper here.
Was long time on Ableton, then StudioOne, Sonar, DP. DP didn't like my old interface for some reason (made it hang and DPDP couldn start back up). It that wouldn't have happened I would still be on DP - despite the horrible don't rendering on PC.

Now I'm on Reaper and miss almost nothing I had with DP. Most customizable DAW out there, tons of scripts to enhance functionality (streamers and punches, Ableton-style session interface) plus the routing is very cool. The ability to create custom actions and scripts makes some workflows just extremely fast. Love it.


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I'm on Logic, and mainly happy with it. For me, the only killer feature that would make me switch would be something like 'disable tracks' as you have in Cubase, enabling you to set up large templates without impacting RAM. The On/Off button in Logic doesn't work this way, and I would love it if it did - it's a highly requested feature for Logic. Based on the votes here so far, I just downloaded Reaper to check it out (there's a 60 day evaluation period), as it gets a lot of support outside the 2 leaders, Cubase/Logic. If I was just starting out and didn't already have Logic, I think I may have been tempted by Reaper, but now, is there a killer feature that differentiates it from Logic that should persuade me to switch over? Can it disable tracks as in Cubase for example, or are there other key features that Logic doesn't have? What am I missing? If it's just 'it's a better workflow', then while I don't disagree since I'm not familiar with it, I'm so embedded in Logic's workflow now, that that itself, at least for me, wouldn't be a reason for me to make the switch.
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