Hollywood Strings Diamond Update?

Per Lichtman

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I saw in my EastWest Installation Center that there was an update to Hollywood Strings Diamond. Does anybody know where there's a change log? I searched thorugh the EastWest site, their forums and on here but I couldn't figure out what changed

Also, if anyone has noticed what changed themselves, I'd be happy to know what to look for. :)



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Interesting! I don't see any release notes. I downloaded the update and it appears to be about 800k of instrument definition updates (.ewi). I took the update and I didn't immediately notice anything. The files dates are generally February and March of 2018. The previous ewi files were renamed and left in the folder.


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There's no log that I know of. It seems the less the customer knows the better...
I did ask on the EW forum a while back. It seems the repetition patches now play in time with the host tempo (subject to having the latest version of PLAY), and the Violas Leg BC Slur Port patches now correctly switch between Bow Control and Slur/Port. And some other small nameless 'fixes'.

Per Lichtman

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Thanks AllanH and JeeTee. It feels like they could make it easier, but that’s a starting point, at least. :)