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Hollywood Brass Gold issues


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Does anyone else have these issues below? I had an exchange with EW support a good year or 2 ago and they acknowledged these and said they would/might get addressed at some point but couldn't tell me when. At this point I'm not counting on it. It is a great sounding library and I'm amazed that they wouldn't want to fix it. Below is list of the issues.

Solo Trombone legato - the transitions from C1, D1 and D#1 to F1 and above going in both directions are missing samples. I only hear a note fade in with no transition sound.

Two Trombones and one bass TB legato - transitions between A-1 and C1,D1 AND E1 have no transition sound either, just a note fading in

Solo French Horn legato and sustains - notes below C#2 have a very intense fluttering going on. EW said it's how the player played it. It sounds pretty bad IMO. Especially G#1, A1, A#1, B1 and C2. I can't imagine how they could be ok with it.
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