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Hobbyists: what is your day (or night) job?


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Assuming I make it through the summer, this fall will mark my 29th year teaching lit*, rhetoric & composition, and creative writing at the college level. I am also super-dooper lucky to still be able to gig (played three time this last weekend--I think there will be eleven gigs in May).
Therefore, day and night job(s)

*@Bakhtin -- any relation to the famous Russian Formalist Mikhail Bakhtin, he of "binary opposition" fame?
no relation, but back in the day he was my favourite literary theorist :)


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traditional pencil artist focused in pet portrait, caricature artist and concept art mainly character design. Work about 10 hours a week at the local grocery store and keeping the social connections. Played piano by hear since i was a kid and art. some what well talented opera singer if i want to lol .

supporting family in need of things affiliated with queens of heart and other type of community locally who helps others in need.
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Music and Sound Design for visual media
I’m a psychotherapist (talk therapy), including music therapy. Spend as much time as I can in my production studio and with my guitars. Hopelessly addicted to music :)
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