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Hobbyists: what is your day (or night) job?


Señor Miembro
I was working on IT half of my working life but for a strange twist, I become a Spanish teacher at the university here in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, I am running my photography business for 10 years.

I studied piano on my teens, so music has been my hobby always. Who knows if in the future could be my part-time job. I discovered that anything is possible if you are able to work hard on it.

Owen Smith

Active Member
I'm a registered nurse and worked in HIV care for about 6 years with undocumented immigrants in the US. I'm currently studying for my PhD in nursing at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. My other jobs are as husband and father to 3 year-old-twin boys. Composition and library acquisition is somewhat of an addiction for me (I'm working on it lol), but also serves as emotional therapy ;) IMG_20201125_122853310.jpg


Ivan (hobbyist / apprentice / beginner)
I'm a user experience designer, primarily designing applications for health care.

I only play piano / keyboard (though not classically trained), and have only gotten into this fun world of composing with VIs earlier this year due to the pandemic 'work from home' shift. Hence my stumbling upon this wonderful forum!


This is a very interesting thread! I'm amazed by the amount of people who are/were working/worked in IT jobs.

I studied computer science and parallel to it worked part-time as software dev (full stack) in the business travel management; in the free time I started playing around with sample libraries and soon after I joined this forum.
Last year in August/September I switched to VSL - and now I'm working as software engineer, but doing a lot of other interesting and exciting things as well :)
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