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How do you capture thee elusive melody

  • First thing in the morning in your private studio, coffee nearby

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  • On the go with a portable workstation, maybe mid-hike in a hammock

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  • Late in the night where the universe knows where

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  • Any time with a pocket book, pencil, and musical notation knowledge

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So this is where the yellow brick road has led me... I am in my young 20’s, am lured in by the nostalgia that wafts from the memories of the roaring 20’s, Madagascar, ancient Egypt, and Tibetan mountains home to zen monasteries, I live in Colorado USA, I am fascinated with eastern culture and music, I love my Tibetan singing bowl, Yoga, science, space, art (especially that of crafting vibrations into a musical order in time). Peace, love and Positivity as Logic says are part of the key; I do believe. I feel we overthink and overdo in the modern western mindset and can really benefit medicinally as well as spiritually and just for fun from eastern influences. The flow of music helps bring people together and us to see as one; regardless of geological, political, or spiritual resonances. I love this. It’s something worth working for, and sharing. I attended my first music festival this year in Rothbury Michigan; Electric Forest, and got to see my favorite musical duo (Odesza) perched in a hammock looking over the what seemed to be gathering of 40,000 attendees, and the spinning twirling wiggling lights that seemed to dance over the ocean of life. To top it off I was with friends. I’ll tell ya, I’m excited for this year already, and it will be the 10 year anniversary of the festival, I’m fortunate to have been introduced to an event that fosters something so precious. I recently attended a Flume concert, another artist which I consider a Jedi master, of whom I don’t mind padwón-ing under. Between Odesza, Flume, and a musical monk lays the archway to my musical realm. The doors to expressing musical creativity were opened to me while waking an old unused keyboard I bought from Walmart.com freshmen or softmore year in highschool out from hibernation. I bought it I’d say 7 or 8 years ago and didn’t touch it much after learning the arpeggio to clocks by Coldplay with a buddy (great buddy). Flash forward roughly four years approximately around the time of a breakup. I shit you not we broke up on the day we rotated around the sun for the 2nd time in our relationship. I had also designed a Rose golden Mexican Fire Opal and diamond ring (with knowledge from 3 years of a jeweling craftsman apprenticeship) which I had asked for back after the breakup; on the bright side I learned how not to Indian-give (ask for something back after you’ve given it), also in search of a way to express how I was feeling I had gravitated back towards my childhood fascination of the sound of fingers on keys rolling out an angelic melody. However I had not the knowledge of bringing into reality these orders of sound in my mind. So I went to barns and noble and bought children’s piano books and I took maybe a handful of lessons while picking up the habit of working daily with this instrument. After learning mildly how to express myself musically, and with a huge impression from artists of the likes of Odesza I started wondering how these modern electronic artists bring about these new sounds that have never been heard before. Introduce my search for a polyphonic synthesizer which had docked at the Korg monologue 4 voice. Fast forward to today after loads of experimentation and navigating every day learning more and leaning more closely to the sound I wish to craft. My studio consists of my MacBook Air running Logic Pro x (I’ve seen the limitations), my audio box, a maschine MK3, 88 key weighted midi keyboard, moog sirin, Korg monologue, Motor fader 🎚, a theremin, roli lightblock spitfire audio plugins as well as Omnisphere for virtual instruments, a jbl powered monitor setup with a big ol woofer for low end monitoring, and a few microphones and some percussion instruments. I have my eye on the TE OP1, so many more spitfire libraries, the UA Apollo audio interface for effects and plugin processing power (also to increase input and output in studio), and I think that about sums up my current setup. I think a live looping setup would be nice. The least resistance the better. I am finding more and more that everything I think I need I just want and for the most part already have in another seemingly disguised form. I think most importantly as a producer/ sound designer/ musician is acquiring tools and practicing/ learning skills that enable fun experimentation and interaction to bring to reality creative and expressive musical ideas that bring us together. I love venturing into new sonic landscape, and to be able to record that and share it with others is one of my main goals. Being on the forefront of the future is exhilarating. I also love when a Jedi master sees the Jedi soul in a young padwon who also holds the yearning to learn and reaches an arm down to lift em up. I’m going back to school soon for an elementary teaching degree (third grade would be cool) followed up with a masters in sound therapy so that I may become somewhat of a pediatric therapist whom specializes in sound therapy and other more holistic approaches towards helping others help themselves; in a world where so many don’t go for the source. This is my first sound forum Iv joined yet I’ve visited so many for technical questions; of which without the help of I may not be where I am at today. I’m currently awakening to the capabilities of in the box creation, as much as my heart and hands love out board gear, my pocket book and mind say in the box gear may be more enabling. Cheers to remembering that initial freedom that shows in childhood expression; or that creativity that is so clear before getting clouded before diving into the technical issues at the bottom where the sand gets kicked up when you traverse. Cheers to inspiration like that of those that said we’re going to the moon, and cheers to the perseverance from the technical minds behind the mathematical designation of units behind building the rockets and space suits, to the brave faith executed by the cosmonauts themselves; all the way back to the dreamer, whom had the faith to dream it up in the first place. Cheers 🍻 -Laotzsa
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