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I record into Logic via a Nectar Panorama P6 controller. As you may have seen in the Spifire Audio guy's videos, they often record while riding a pair of faders for cc1 and cc11. In using this technique on my keyboard, I get very poor automation data resolution. The resulting curves ae very jerky and must be "cleaned" up with the drawing tool. However, If I use only one fader while recording it is very smooth, but then I need to go back and record the other cc on a second pass. I have verified with Nectar tech support that this is indeed the case.

So... is there a relatively inexpensive and not too large fader control that I could use to smoothly record both "cc" channels simultaneously? I've seen Christian Henson using Palette brand modular faders, but I seem to remember one video where he was unhappy with them.
I am interested in this too, as I am sure many others are as well. The Faderport 8 and 16 can do midi cc, apparently. I am very tempted to get one off ebay. Another could be the X touch by Behringer, although I seem to recall someone saying that the compact is the one you can assign midi ccs to. Another one I know of is the icon platform m and x plus. And there's the fader master and bcf2000... Probably others I am forgetting.

On the other hand, I am sorely tempted to get a breath controller and learning with it... Although I wonder how long it would take me to convince myself I need that AND a Faderport 8... Not long enough, probably.
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