Hi i made a new song, and i would love to hear what you think.

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Thanks to the feedback from my last track, i now know technically how to use dynamics and expression. And i found the legato patches in my library :rofl:

I had alot of fun trying all this stuff. Any feedback is very much apreciated.

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Beautiful, nice arc!

1:36 was *almost* cathartic... but there was something about the solo violin being mixed in a way that overpowered an entire epic choir that breaks the immersion for me. I also think that moment was missing a bit more growth and movement of background harmony and bass foundation. That would have been a great place to add an increased solid bass foundation and more voice leading movement in the background chords. I really like the idea of having one or two solo instruments try to soar over the epicness, like the violin, but I get the feeling in this particular case, experimenting with it seems like it won't pan out. You should definitely keep that trick under your belt to try again though, and I'm going to borrow that idea, too. :whistling:

I can't shake the feeling that perhaps you are mixing at a moderately loud level, and maybe with headphones? At first I missed a LOT of the beautiful, thoughtful textures (especially at the beginning) when listening to it at a comfortable-slightly-quiet volume. And a lot of the harmony background doesn't feel "warm" enough and not solid enough for what I think you had intended. It feels to me like your mind may be filling in more harmony and mix balance because you know your own composition, where external audience person like me with no expectations doesn't hear the harmony as you intended? I'm not sure if it's just about volume balance - I can see how they might conflict with foreground sounds. There's probably a fine balance between increasing levels, orchestrating them to feel "diffuse" in the stereo image, and maybe relying on the brightness of foreground instruments for them to still stick out? Riding midi CCs and volume automations in the right way can also help, perhaps? I don't know... exact things to try would depend on what you want artistically, too.

The low alto female choir around 2:00 - 2:20 ish - there's some kind of movement in the sound which feels unnatural to me. Not sure if you intended it artistically, personally I feel it doesn't fit, it sounds like they are doing a Matthew McConaughey chest-thumping chant :rofl:
Dope Amin

Dope Amin

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First of all thank you for telling me what you think :)

Indeed the solo violin is way to loud, i think since shes playing on higher pitch and cutting anyways in the mix, it could be a solution to just bring the volume down.

Funny how you notice, that i mix loud, and with headphones [if you wanna call a 12€ gaming headset "Headphones" :D]

The problem with more harmonics in the backline and especially in the bassline is, that i tend to over do it. I need to work on that! So i can bring some harmonic movement in my next projects.

The alto female choir is out of box, with just little reverb, i kinda like it how it is :D

Thanks again for your opinion and tips!