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Hi everyone, I'm very glad to have found this forum! I started working with VI's... oh, maybe 10 years ago.. but I only had the free plug-ins you download from various places, and I played with writing melody and harmony lines in Band and a Box and then taking them into Tracktion and giving them life with those low-fi sounds. Then through making connections on songwriting forums I started to understand more about it, and started saving up to buy my first 'real' set of VI's - East West/Quantum Leap Silver. When I got it, I realized the computer I had would not support it. Then I saved up for a new computer. After that, I kept saving and about every three to six months I'd manage to get another set of VI's, like EW Gold, or Omnisphere etc. I worked on composing and had a lot of rejections.. it took me awhile to 'get' how to 'humanize' the VI's. I got myself a wind controller, which helped a lot. Anyways, my good old audio computer died in October, and I am just starting with a 'new' (rebuilt) one, I've upgraded to Tracktion 6, and just got Hollywood Strings and a bunch of other stuff via Composer Cloud. I'll have a bit of a learning curve understanding the articulations, when to use what.. I wish getting what is in my head out into sound was easier! Good to be here, thanks for reading - cheers.


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Welcome! You'll find people here at every level of success regarding humanizing the awesome tools we have to work with, and lots of folks here are very helpful. Don't be shy about posting any questions you have, or chiming in when you see a question that you know the answer to. Look forward to seeing you around!

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Hello from Toronto,
We seem to have pretty mild winter so far. Let's keep it that way, shall we?
Oh, and welcome aboard. A new member over here as well...this is an awesome place indeed!