Hero's Last Stand

David Kudell

Not standard issue
Here's a new track I had a lot of fun with. I tried to stay away from trailer-style hybrid stuff and create something more realistic sounding.

The synths and bass pulses at the beginning are from @TheUnfinished Colossus IV, and the ones later on are from @keepforest Devastator.

Hans Zimmer strings provided the shorts and CSS the longs. Doubled up the shorts at the end with Metropolis Ark 1. JXL brass of course, never disappoints! Perc is mostly Damage 2.



Music Addict
Sounds great David! Also like the background for the video. How did you make that?


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I like the anguished twisting between major, minor, and wildcard inversions. Interesting!

Watching something burning in a firepit. Rolling, glowing, turning.

Harmony like this makes me happy.