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Heroic and Epic Song Attempt - Thoughts, Feedback and Criticisms Welcome!


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Hi everyone,

I created this piece for a competition and thought I would share it here.

The track is called "Call of the King", and my intent was to make it sound heroic and powerful.

Let me know what you think!



Some really nice writing. Call me old fashioned but I like a melodic approach and you have a very noble hymn tune there.

The downer at 1:29 sounds a little out of place, because your orchestration is conventional rather than hybrid.

For my taste, perhaps a touch more reverb and width would suit the piece.

What competition was it for?

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The heroic and powerful (emotionally at least) definitely shines through. It would benefit from some stronger motif development in the melody.

I don’t know if I would call it epic, as it’s not really bombastic and over the top at any point.

Really nice piece overall. Good job!
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