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Help/resources/tips on manually tuning the orchestra to be more realistic and sonorous?

Tom Ferguson

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I've known about the idea that the orchestra or other ensembles (string quartet for example) uses different tunings for different pitches/intervals depending on keys and chords, but I've so many other more important things to worry about I've never bothered with it. But now I feel like it might be a good point at which to start incorporating some of these concepts, at the least as an experiment and to gain more control.

What are your thoughts on doing this? How many of you think about these consideration and put this into practice? Has this improved your sound or maybe have tried it by found results lacking?

Are there any good guides/resources etc. on how to do this and the concepts are for each section? (I presume it's more of a think for string instruments as they have more granular control, whereas wind instruments tend to be more naturally out of tune or fixed in tune)

If this is something you do, I've love some practical advice on how to apply these techniques, and even better some sort of systematic approach!


David Cuny

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You might have a look at alt-tuner, a plugin that runs in Reaper that supports alternate tuning systems.

The manual is 400+ pages, with an extensive discussion on various tuning systems.
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