Help Needed: Certain Instruments not playing in Cubase

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this so if I should post somewhere else, please let me know.

My problem is: I'm using Cubase on a PC and VEPro 6 on another PC. There are certain instruments loaded into Kontakt/VEP that stop playing on a certain project. If I leave those instruments loaded in VEP and open a different Cubase project and use the same VEP instance, the instruments play.

Example: Cubase project "A" has a midi track for a Met Ark 2 low string sustain patch (which is loaded in VEP). It plays the first time and then stops playing. In fact, if you try to use the virtual keyboard in Kontakt/VEP, a sound is not heard. THEN.... I open Cubase project "B" and use the same patch and it plays fine. Time and time again. THEN I go back to project "A" and no sound.

It certainly looks like my problem is in Cubase project "A". Does anyone have any ideas what the problem is?


The Darris

Senior Member
Double check that you have the proper outputs enabled in Project A. I'm assuming you have VEPro loaded in the instrument rack which is where you can enable and disable the outputs. By chance, can you take a screen shot of your VEP instance of instruments that aren't playing as well as the Cubase project that isn't working. I'd like to see the track input and outputs in Cubase in order to help you further.


Is it possible that you have accidentally recorded some MIDI CC data (for example 7 or 11) on those tracks?
My old expression pedal used to do this by itself.