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Alex Isiv

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Hello, people, I just found this forum, and seems really interesting, I look forward to meeting you all, to learn and also help.
I've been into music composition since I was about 13 years old when I thought major scales were too hard for me. I am now 27, highly into music production and singing as well. My major genres are Orchestral, Metal, Alt rock, Bossa-Nova, Synthwave and... some EDM. I made an orchestral rendition in 2015 of the whole Drones album by Muse (Now that I listen to it, sounds really poor and old fashioned). Got it legally on spotify and stuff, but Warner took it down from YouTube lol. Thanks for reading. Hope we all get along :)

Some stuff I've made.


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Hello and welcome from Italy. Listened to some of your tracks, cool music :)
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