Hello from Switzerland

ein fisch

Hello Everyone :P

My Name is Dennis, i recently turned 18 and im composing orchestral Music since +/- 1 Year now (Not Officially). Actually i didnt learned any Theory about Orchestral Music, just started out with some basic Sample Libraries (Mainly Albion) and experimented around with them.. before that i was producing House Music, also with orchestral Inputs for 2 years, but lost interest at some Point and started producing with real Instruments.. Oh and im also playing Piano for about 4 Years.. thats it i guess.. and beside music i got a job, which i dont know the Name in english lol.. Im reading trough this Forum since along time and really like the Community so far, so i thought lets just sign up now and say hello!..

Well, and excuse my bad English, i hope its getting better with the Time.. My main Language is German.. I hope i will learn abit more about Music from you experienced peeps..

Greez Dennis:)