Hello from Los Angeles!


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My name is Daniel.

I'm a lifelong classical pianist and I am currently pursuing my performance & composition degree at a Conservatory here in the LA area.

I also compose (very mediocrely mind you) in my free time, and some film majors picked me up to score their student films.

I own nothing more than a macbook however their department has a ton of great brand-name sample libraries that I get to use. So far my favorite is the Cine-Perc series and Cinematic Strings 2 (which most of my threads will no doubt be about)

My weapon of Choice is Logic Pro X and I have a measly 8gbs of ram. heh



Hi Daniel! Welcome to VIC community! You are part of a great music community, not to say the best virtual music community, where musicians really help musicians. So, here you won't lack information, advice, ideas or so..!
Have a good time and enjoy this community! :2thumbs: