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Hello from Hamburg


Hello everybody.

I'm Andy from Hamburg, just over 50, but feel like 25, and am an avid musician with a focus on orchestral music of all kinds, heavy metal and experimental music without definition.

I've been reading enthusiastically for a while now and have now decided to join this fantastic community.

After a long break in music, the job has demanded more. Now I am back and my home studio grew a "little bit". For me, music is currently just a hobby, but the best hobby in the world.

I use 3, sometimes 4 Mac computers with vep pro, lots of ram, depending on what I just want to do. Sometimes I just sit at the Macbook and develop some ideas using mainly The Orchestra and Symphobia.

My DAW is Cubase 10 pro, on the Macbook Cubase Elements.

What i use (incomplete):

EWHO, QL Symph Choir
VSL Synchron-ized SE complete (updated from VI SE)
LS Chamber Strings
Musical Samples Orch Bundle complete + Ruby
Prague Solo Strings 2.0
Performance Samples (Oceania + ABR + Strings) - fantastic
Symphobia 1-3
The Orchestra
Miroslav 1 (and 2) - rarely
Shreddage 2, Drums, Bass
lots of stuff from Soundiron, Heavyocity, other tools ... Roland TD Drums (for the real drum feeling), YAM Modx7,
Alesis Q88, M-Audio Code, Korg Microkey, lots of controllers...

Looks like collective passion, but actually I buy my plugins only after careful consideration if I really need them. Mostly ;).

I also flirted with OT, but found that I do not need the libs. The heaviest searches were the solo and the chamber strings, but I found my favorites and did not regret it.

At the moment I am very interestd in purchasing a breath controller. But I am not sure if i need a basic controller or an
extended with more controls.

I look forward to a lively exchange with you and wish you best regards first!
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