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Hello from France


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Hi everyone,

It's Ben (also Coryno/Corrino), 33, from Paris and it seems I recently ended up composing soundtracks for video games :)

To be fair I didn't really expect to do this. Few months ago a good friend of mine who composes soundtracks for years sent me one of his client for an indie horror game and I just REALLY enjoyed doing this.

I've been doing music for more than 10 years, mostly as a singer in pop-rock bands, I also recently joined a new one (if there are any parisians here you should expect to see us on stage soon). I'm also graduated in electronic music production, currently working on both Ableton Live 10 and some classic hardware gear (Juno 06, Roland 606 and 808, Nord Lead, MicroKorg, etc) and I recently started to work with FMOD as well.

Most of my video game culture comes from NES, SNES, Playstation 1 & 2 and PC. Final Fantasy, Zelda, Breath of Fire, Ridge Racer, Starfox, Baldur's Gates, Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft, Command & Conquer, Civilizations and many (many) more.

I have a very little experience in composing soundtracks, also no proper portfolio or demo reel to share at the moment but you can check my Soundcloud (there are only few tracks).

By the way I'm totally up for any advice, critics and anything which could help improve my knowledge :)

Thanks !

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