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Hello from California


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Hey! I'm a programmer in the Bay Area going through the beginnings of a mid-life crisis, possibly.

When I was much younger, I took rather clinical piano lessons for over ten years, the kind that just prepped you for the yearly performance and written theory tests. In high school I actually started getting properly interested in music and started playing guitar and gradually got into heavier and stranger forms of metal (Gorguts, anyone?), but up until the past few months I was happy just writing and recording the odd metal song through the cabinet emulation output on my Blackstar HT-5.

Now I'm trying to take this hobby a bit more seriously. I've always enjoyed some orchestral and electronic music, so I'm hoping to get into doing soundtracks, starting with the video game I'm working on with a buddy of mine. I can compose somewhat, but I have a ton to learn on the technical side.



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Close enough! I'm in Fremont.

Because it was the one that I "started with" a while ago if you get my meaning, the first DAW I decided to buy is FL Studio. I figured that, since I'm still fairly new, the decision would be somewhat blind no matter how much I demoed stuff, so I might as well go with the I sort of know. Haven't encountered roadblocks in my own projects yet...

I considered Cubase as well because it seems to be popular with both film composers and metal musicians. But hey, free lifetime FL updates!
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