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Hello From Arizona USA


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I have been making music ( as a pastime) for many years, and recently have really jumped in with both feet on this idea of making your own virtual instruments. Currently I am using Max MSP, Reaktor and Kontakt. There are in decreasing level of familiarity. I am focusing on fixing that by learning Kontakt and KSP.



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Hello ! Welcome ! …. from extreme southwest Utah! …. can see AZ border from here.
Sounds like some enjoyable, challenging activities ahead.

Enjoy! :thumbsup:


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Welcome, you’ve come to the right place for Kontakt and KSP expertise, though sadly, not from me.

Geoff Grace

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Welcome @DrEntropy from a former Arizonan. Is that Picacho Peak in your avatar?

New Mexico here... just need a Coloradan and we've got the four corners covered. Welcome, Doc.
I used to gig in Colorado and New Mexico in a Phoenix-based band. Does that count?


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