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Hello from a composer -> software developer


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Hello forum,
I am a long time lurker finally writing my first post. I've worked many years exclusively as a composer/sound designer, especially in the videogame and advertisement industries, but have since transitioned the majority of my work in the software development territory (but I still keep my DAW in shape for some audio productions in the videogame industry).
At the moment no software development I'm involved is about audio/music, but it would be cool to have some opportunities in that direction!

Nice to meet you, at last!


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Hi and welcome! Interesting career switch you’ve made there. Have you thought any about AI generated music?


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Hi, I've never really approaced AI for music generation, but I had the opportunity to create a semi-generative soundtrack for the videogame Five Minutes Rage
On the other hand I'm currently studying AI, so hopefully I will be able to apply it to music in the future, that would be very interesting
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