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Dominic Stein

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Hi guys,
my name is Dominic, 23 years old, from Dusseldorf Germany and play guitar, piano & drums.
It is still my hobby but i would like to jump in to the industry in the near future.
I am new in this forum and would like to connect with musician, composer, audio engineers, singer, producer etc.

I recently saw the whole Daniel James/Hans Zimmer controversy... I think life would be boring without drama, am I right? :D

Here is something i have done last view weeks. Its not much but i looking forward to get feedback.



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Freut mich immer hier deutsche zu sehen:)
Sehr interessant, dass das DJ/HZ Thema bei so vielen bekannt ist:rofl: Aber muss sagen: Ich war live dabei und hab auch das ein oder andere gepostet und es war wirklich SEHR amüsant;)


Life is Good
Welcome Dominic, beautiful track.
This place is mostly less dramatic than that, but always very helpful and full of enthusiasm to help and learn.
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