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Heist - Williamsy piece

Mattia Chiappa

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Hello! Just last week I finished working on this new piece. It will be part of a Williamsy/classic film scores album. It's been a while since the I last shared some music here so here it goes :)

I hope you'll enjoy it!

For this one I've used BBCSO pro for about 85% of it, css, sm brass, hollywoodwinds and bhct



Lunatic - it's really that simple
That was fun! And well done! I enjoyed the composition, the orchestration, and the mock-up. My son walked in and asked if this was a John Williams piece for Harry Potter... so I think you hit the mark.


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Very good, also very visual, miniature western, galloping horses, desert, arrival in a smalltown , etc . Some flamenco rhythms (6/8 -3/4), flamenco chords (phrygian). So it's a heist in the texmex region I presume? :)
I also like the passage when you momentarily abandon the triplet feel, 1:02, in a transition passage with the rising, descending flute spurrs. And the tense chord on 2:08 is a nice suprise ending.

Vladimir Bulaev

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As always, the orchestration is top-notch! I would very much like the sm brass tone to have a natural space, but this is unfortunately not technically possible with sample modeling instruments. Anyway good work and excellent performance!
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