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So I purchased VENTO last night and woke up tired this morning from very little sleep. I couldn't pull myself away from it.

I have both NOVO and FORZO but after giving this a deep dive I feel it's the best of the 3. I was thinking it would be just be more of the same but Woodwinds seem to play very well in this engine, personally I think better than Strings and Brass. I was very surprised.

No regrets on this purchase. It comes highly recommended as a great toolkit even if you're not in need of any more woodwinds.

I was on the fence with ASCEND piano and missed the intro price but took a 2nd look at that too...so I'm seriously hoping to add that next. Heavyocity you've outdone yourself again!!


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I saw a vid heavyocity reposted on instagram of this guy doing an action cue only using vento, it sounded really cool,
but personally for the price i'd give it a pass, same with forzo, i guess if you need pre played rhythms that you can mix and match then they are one of the only companies that do that sort of thing, like the sonokinetic libs, but heavyocity are more sound design and sonokinetic are more realistic.

Ascend is absolutely worth it, i pre ordered and was really impressed. havent come across anything like it, i think thier formula really works with paino sounds, and the price point is perfect.
Can you link to the video anywhere please?


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Beautiful library! I got the same feeling I got when I first opened Forzo though: underwhelmed by the traditional patches. Legato was missing from Forzo as well and as much as some say it's not needed for brass, my other brass libraries say otherwise to me. What you could get away with brass though, really shows as synthy and artificial with woodwinds. Only flutes and clarinets represented as sections, the rest, mixed ensembles. If you're going to do traditional, you might as well make it at least up to the competition at this price point. But that's not what this library is really for. The hybrid side is just amazing. Those pulsing, trembling articulations that I loved about Novo are here and they really sound excellent on woodwinds. Organic, ambient, and fx patches are just really well done! I don't think Heavyocity could make a bad library if they tried.


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Being able to play "regular" lines with the left-field articulations & designed patches would be great, and would've taken these libs over the top. But I'm cool with what's provided and like all of the libs in this series. The sound designing is what attracted me to them. I'd like to see some packs for both FORZO & VENTO though.


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Same here on the expectations. I was expecting what i got. There are plenty of great woodwind libraries but Vento is in its own space and sounds incredible. It doesn't sound like anything else i have. I definitely have no buyer's regret!
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I recently purchased this library and I am very pleased with the quality of this library. I have novo, forzo and vento. At this moment, I used only their traditional instruments for cinematic/trailer projects. I am very happy with all the articulations and sound quality. I am planning to play around with sound design & learn it, maybe in the future I can use it.


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Heavyocity has become the first company where I feel comfortable buying their new releases automatically. Their sound fits perfectly with my style, and it sounds so good.
ASCEND and VENTO being the most recent releases, I can only add that I truly appreciate what they're doing!

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Maybe I need to take a closer look at this. To me, the initial Heavyocity demos weren't very exciting, overwhelmed by so many other non-woodwind sounds. The woodwind component was kind of like vermouth in a very dry Martini.


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Maybe I need to take a closer look at this. To me, the initial Heavyocity demos weren't very exciting, overwhelmed by so many other non-woodwind sounds. The woodwind component was kind of like vermouth in a very dry Martini.
I tend to look at Heavyocity libraries as hybrid sound design libraries, so that’s what I expect. If I’m going for straight orchestral sounds, some of their stuff is good, but I look elsewhere.

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will probably pick this up as soon as i can get VENTO2019 to work. Forgot to register my serials for Forzo and NOVO within the Heavyocity Site itself.

Love that lower register. Wish there was legato though.

man, this baby with legato? and Forzo with Legato (insert scream noises here)

@Heavyocity Media loyalty update in 2020?

either way, Vento makes it immediatly into the current open project!


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thought in first five minutes: The designed patches is where this thing really shines. Not sure how I feel about the loops yet (one sounds exactly like a section from Silvestri's Avenger's theme, lol) but the designer is fantastic.