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Heavyocity Gravity: worth it in 2021?

Considering getting heavyocity gravity while it's on sale. Is it worth it in 2021 or are there alternatives that came out in the past 5 years that are better? I'm specifically interested in the impacts and whoosh designers, partly for scoring but for song as well. I'm looking for something with better electronic/cinematic sounds than Rise&Hit and am not impressed with the 8dio options.

To those of you that own it, what do you think? Is it worthwhile, or is it better to just find individuals samples/ another kontakt library? do you find the pads/soundscapes useful, or are they just padding (no pun intended)?


Good sample libraries don't really go out of date... do they? I've had Gravity since it was released and still use it for various ambient and special effects. Not a library I regret getting.


You can't go wrong with Gravity. It's the first library I bought and I won't be replacing it any time soon. The samples are top notch and the engine offers endless sound design options.
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