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Heavyocity DM-307 - thoughts


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Guys and Gals,

Is there anyone here using Heavyocity's DM-307? I like "interesting" sounding drums (think non-traditional snares and kicks etc). I have Stylus RMX and all of the expansions for it and while I still occasionally use it it feels very dated. I don't really care about the "Grid" feature (although it does seem cool) i'm mostly interested in the kits and sounds. (please note I already have Damage, Aeon and the evolve series)

DM-307 is on on sale for 149 bucks but today is the last day. Any thoughts on it?

Guy Rowland

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Of all Heavyocity's products, I use DM-307 the most. Its appeal for me is as you hint - Damage sounds like it smacks you round the head with an Anvil well enough, but its become so overused and is so overhyped sonically I'm sort of ashamed to put it in anything these days. Gravity has always felt soft and mushy to me... I don't even really know what that product is really, it seems to fall between many stools. DM-307 is my eternal sweet spot. Focused more on analogue sources smashed to bits that junkyard cars, it still is kinda industrial in feel, having that upfront bite and wallop of Damage without being cliche.

I never use the grid.


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I didn't go crazy for it (it's one of the Heavyocity libraries I've used least). This might be down to my composing tastes rather than anything else. There is a lot of material here, but I found the kits "okay" yet nothing exceptional (plus they tend to feel harsh and same-y after a bit). The grid idea is nice but the results feel a little stiff. There must be some YouTube videos out there which can give you a feel for it? Perhaps I need to give it another whirl...


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Didn't like it as it just didn't click with me or my writing. Then I had a cue that required some dirty electronic drums and it was just perfect. Its real power is in dirty gritty electronic drums. Don't expect it to do nice. It's a filthy library and it's beautiful when you need that sound
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