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Hearing and monitor protection


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Can anyone recommend a piece of kit that I can run before my monitors and headphones to protect against noise bursts? My initial though was a limiter, but surely there's something else that exists thats made for the job?

Long story short, a few years ago I had a couple of episodes with noise bursts from logic reading +700db on the master out. The noise from my monitors was ungodly - they were only BM5s but my god, it woke the whole city. Anyway, ever since I'm super, super cautious and tbh, it's a complete time and creativity killer sitting with one hand on the volume whilst trying out a new plugin or changing settings. Also, I've completely avoided using my headphones with logic ever since, and I miss them.

Anyway, I was just trying out a new plugin and I had a few pops and crackles whilst it made friends with my system, but my anxiety took a hit! I need to get something in place.

Also incase someones going to recommend running a limiter on the master, that doesn't work. Whatever causes the logic/osx noise bursts bypasses everything right to your interface. If you use logic and you've never had it happen, you're lucky. I don't want to worry anyone, but the amount of posts lately with people getting them seems to have ramped up this year. Not a problem if you're using a laptop, but you stick some powerful actives or large headphones in the mix and you've got serious hearing and gear damage potential.
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