Have expression maps been improved since Cubase 8.5?


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I recently switched a few libraries to expression maps in Cubase and it leaves a lot to be desired unless I'm missing something.

Here are a few of my issues:

-The first (default) articulation has to be manually drawn into the lane if it's the first articulation selected. (This occurs in both direction and attribute mode.)
-Splitting a region in the middle of an articulation will erase that articulation in the second region. That second region now plays the first/default articulation now instead of the articulation that was actually written in...

I'm on Cubase 8.5 and considering an upgrade, just wondering if expression maps have changed or been updated in later versions.

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No change. Expression maps are a huge plus for Cubase, but there remain a few desired improvements that would make using them a whole lot easier, things that any user immediately recognizes. Alas, there seems to be no motivation on Steinberg's part to allot programming time to make those improvements.