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Have A Good Life - by Justin Stewart


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Hey folks, this is something I put together using SWAM Saxaphones, my usual Alecia's keys and some drum samples.
I think I'm slowly getting better at arranging the SWAM instruments. In this case I just played 5ths throughout with the tenor sax on top and baritone on the bottom. Oh and for a little nostalgia, there's a sample from a famous episode of Cheers in the intro.
Hope you like it.



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Not really a genre I know much about, but I really like the lazy timing of this track. Did you intentionally drag the clap right of the quantized beat or something?
Also, I like the piano and sax parts that you wrote. Strong melody and it works well with that progression.

The sound of the piano is a little too detuned / modulated for my taste, but it does create a particular vibe. Perhaps dial that modulation amplitude back a wee bit?

And the kick drum, hmmmm not my favorite sound. I'd try a bit more attack on that kick, or perhaps blend in a different sample to have a pop and still keep it dirty?

But if you like this piano and kick sound, stick with what works for you.
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