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Has anyone been able to submit support requests to Steinberg?


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I've still not heard anything. The only reason I'm not calling is because my issue isn't terminal, it just happens maybe once a week or so.

I think in this day and age, Steinberg are missing a big trick by not being more organised with their CS. Clearly that's the issue, given the wide range of experiences folks report, with no visible pattern.

Probably not top of their priorities because of their market strength, but I'd worry nonetheless.


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True, Tiago.

You never know when a big player decides to push you out of the market.. Amazing customer service can be the one USP that sets you apart.
Today there are massive problems with the login and the license server again. I wanted to activate my Cubase 11 update in the elicencer, but once again nothing works. At least I get a maintenance message, but the login works, and sometimes it does not work. Funnily enough, it also depends on which computer I log in from.

However, in Steinberg's defense, they were able to merge my various accounts and licenses through support in a matter of hours without complaint. That was a few months ago though.


I put another request through to them this week (following the instructions on their website) about updating my account and there has been complete radio silence. It really is very unsatisfactory. The support system is broken. Absolutely tone deaf.
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