Hardware Transport interface with Jog Wheel?


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Hey all!

I am in the market for a nice Hardware transport interface however i should note that the only reason i want it is because of the jug wheel where i can navigate my project with ease .. the only thing i found is the "Faderport V2 PreSonus" anyone owns this or has any experience with it? are there any other better alternatives?



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The Behrigner knock off is probably better--bigger flatter jog....the Presonus is a rotary encoder you CAN use as a jog. Anyway--berhinger part of their MCU knock off line, so I can tell you MCU's transport/jog implementation is solid---it's what allows me to move freely from Logic to Cubase to Mixbus, all MacBook or Win tower--they all "drive" the same.


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I have the Behringer, and it's excellent in every way (yes, Behringer!). It's very well built, it's a great value, and is very functional. It has a great job/shuttle (both). A+.
I've seen that the Behringer does midi CC, which is a definite advantage over the Presonus knockoff. It seems to me that many would be interested in it if it had that feature. Interestingly, Presonus did give that feature to the 8 and 16 fader models.

For what it's worth, I found a very low priced 25 keys controller by Icon Pro Audio, which is also an interface and DAW controller, including the jog wheel. Mine has only a touch fader, but it's fine. The company is coming out with a one-fader controller, very much in the vein of the aforementioned knockoffs by Presonus and Behringer, but the MIDI capabilities seem more interesting.