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Anyone on VI forum using analog hardware on their mix/mastering 2-bus? Or do you stay ITB for everything? I sometimes use a D-box summing mixer on stems but I am interested in trying some hardware (comp, eq) on the mix bus. Curious to know your experiences with it?
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I have a great hardware SSL-bus comp clone which I use criminally little due to the fact that most of my clients requier constant reviewing and tweaking. Sometimes I print the finals through it when I'm 100% sure we're ready to go, but too many times I'm a bit lazy and settle for a software version (Slate, which I find the most similar-sounding) instead.

All in all, if your hardware stuff sounds better than software, you should use it if you have the chance, but there's not much utility for slapping a Behringer Autocomp to your 2bus if you have, say, a Vertigo software version available. :D


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No, but I'd like to...someday. But I think it would be mostly for my own stuff. Like @Henu said, clients tend to want constant tweaks and that can be a bit of a pain with analog hardware.


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I have an SSL bus compressor clone which is pretty nice. You can get them for reasonable prices. I think most people definitely won't know the difference between the software and hardware, but there is a difference. I prefer the hardware in most cases. I have a pultec clone on order and am very curious to see how that sounds on the master bus.