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Happy Birthday and Thank you.


Happy Birthday Spud. Today would have been your birthday and probably this Sunday would have been one of my favorite things to do... meet with all of your students, eat some chinese food and listen hear you give this years "speech" about each and every one of us including spouses, and significant others! I love you and thank you for this amazing legacy of musical knowledge.


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I'll drink to that Jim. I never got to go to one of those birthday parties until the one after his death at The Bakery for a Spud Murphy music concert.

Thank you Spud, for a new career in the second half of my life.

Leandro Gardini

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The only thing I regret about EIS is that I didn't take the course when I first heard about it. If I have done it I'd probably have had time to know Spud, have more classes with David and today I'd be a graduate and I could spread the Spud's knowledge here in Brazil!!!
Fortunately today I'm studying with Dell and I've made a lot of EIS friends!!!
EIS is the best composition course ever and the course and his creator deserve much more than what have happened so far. I hope I can contribute for the success of EIS in the future!!!
Congratulation Spud!!!

Craig Sharmat

With each passing year I feel more grateful that I was able to study with Spud. He has left behind a wonderful legacy.
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