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Hans Zimmer spicc + EIS


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Here is my version (score for a live orchestra) of the Zimmer spicc applied to EIS.
The original idea is over 1 minute longer than this one but as the score was stolen yesterday with my laptop i decided to release this shorter one.
Not sure if I'l remember everything written is the lost score though :? .

Comments are welcome.



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Hi, Leo!

First, I'm so sorry you had your laptop stolen. Augh!

Second, this is a great piece. It has that brooding, pulsing sound from the repetitive spiccatos, but the chord changes lift it emotionally into a more "noir" sound. There is an ascending E1 sys of progressions at :35 seconds which is such a nice moment, very reminiscient of Elfman's "Batman".

I would almost categorize this sound as "neo-Noir", with the more adventurous chord changes, like the applied dominant section at 1:05. It's a great way to take a very usable texture (the scrubbing strings) and make it very adventurous musically.

I really like it! Again, conjures up images of Batman (Elfman), Basic Instinct (Goldsmith). I would love to see a pdf of the score if you are able to share it.

Thank you!



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Neo-Noir is a nice adjective Mike. Thanks a lot!!!
I don't have the full score of most of my pieces anymore and this one is included in the list. Isn't it great :? ?
I have a plan to come back to all the sampled musics and transcribe them all but I don't know how much time it will take. I payed the price for not backing up my computer which is much more expensive than all my goods taken.
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