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Hans Zimmer Percussion + AOne + HWB = "Outlaw"

John Busby


Featuring Hans Zimmer Percussion with Albion One Strings/Woods and Hollywood Brass!

All of the perc minus the cello body perc at the end is from HZP.
This library is just amazing! i was blown away by the variety of sounds and articulations and the mic positions lend such a wonderful way to customize the sounds which are already top notch!

Every category was represented here in some way minus the timpani.
i added in some live acoustic for a little flare at the end and i also used an 8dio rhythmic Aura underneath the collegnos.

The Albion strings and woods blended perfectly with HZP with the magic that is AIR Studios :)
The HW Brass worked well but i only have the 1 mic position, i think having the diamond edition would have helped here and having the brass blend better to feel more like a complete orchestra - i did use Spaces but it didn't quite get there for me personally but turned out okay i guess.

I orchestrated everything first and wrote in the percussion last - this was of course influenced by the man himself in a post that can be found here:


these words are priceless and it's little things like this that go so far in my musical journey - not some elaborate library or thousands of dollars of gear, it's this stuff, and i love it!

The mix isn't the greatest and i know that - i'm trying to get better and this is the area i struggle in the most. i'm never fully satisfied with my work, maybe there are others that feel the same way? It just never seems quite good enough to me but i hope to see a progression in this area over time :)



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It just never seems quite good enough to me
Everyone (sane) feels this way. Even Beethoven struggled with going back and constantly revising. Nothing is perfect and can always be improved but we all need to move on and work on something new so we can grow. Keep having fun following your passions and good things will come :)


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Sounds great John! And Albion One does really well here. It reminds me how good the shorts are and that I should use them more. :thumbsup:

Anders Bru

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Really cool composition! I'm missing some low-end at 1:55, though. I think that would help "thicken" up the sound at bit, and make it a bit more impactful. :thumbsup:
The brass doesn't sound out-of-place, I think it blends quite well, but could do with some more presence. Not sure whether that requires the additional mic positions as I don't have the library. Any reason why you went with the HWB rather than the Albion brass?

Oh and I really enjoyed it! :) You are right about the HZP - must add it to my wish list!
John Busby

John Busby

Any reason why you went with the HWB rather than the Albion brass?
Mainly because of the lack of Legato and the fact that AOne only has "Hi" and "Low" Brass, it's just not as flexible as HWB is and i think the sound quality is better imo. If only there was an Air Studios IR
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