Hamlisch Contest 2020


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Hi folks, I'm curious if anyone has already registered for the contest.

I've really enjoyed participating in past years because of the animated shorts they provided. They've had 3 or 4 of these at least. In 2018, I registered again assuming this would be the case, but they switched to a very slow-moving live action documentary. If I remember, they skipped 2019.

I think 2017 had multiple winners, or the selection process was too difficult at the end or something. The 2018 documentary was much more challenging, so I understand why they chose it; however, I personally found the film to be very uninspiring, so I chose not to submit. While they of course have the right to choose whatever films they want, I was disappointed—especially after shelling out the $75 registration fee.

All to say, for anyone who has registered, would you be willing to disclose the vibe of this year's film? Perhaps a short description and/or a screen shot? I would like to enter again, but I am not willing to shell out $75 without any idea of what the film will be.


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All these "contests" and "competitions" are no other way than to make a buck for those who are organizing the event. 75 to participate give me a break.

TRUE contests are free to enter and are being sponsored...
100% agreed.

It's pay to play for composers.