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Hadziha by Karoryfer Samples - West African choir out now, $19 intro price until Oct 18th


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Literally inspired by a post on the VI-C forum, where someone complained about not knowing what lyrics he's making an African choir sing, which made me go "hey, I know a guy who can fix that problem". So I talked a Facebook friend from Ghana who'd previously recorded some percussion for a freebie into finding some singers. That post was quite some time ago - most of that time was spent on things like recruiting singers, recruiting new singers after one moved to Togo, planning recording sessions, and waiting for a guy in New York to get vaccinated.

This is the total opposite of big Hollywood choirs recorded in epic spaces - small and full of character. Six singers singing six vowels plus ten playable phrases in Ewe and Akan, plus five extra singers for the vowels. We include information about what each phrase means, so you won't be stuck worrying that you have no idea what the choir is singing. A little over 2000 samples total, almost 1 GB of content, so nothing huge in that sense either. Works in the free Plogue Sforzando sampler.


Demo by a Mexican producer who usually makes music with Vocaloid vocals:

And if that's not out there enough, here's a chiptune style demo by someone from the VI-C Discord:

$19 until October 18th, $39 regular price afterwards.


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Very interesting ... have to say I don't find the demos particularly helpful in getting a sense of the library though. The chiptune is ... very chip tune ... and the video is ... mostly just loops. There's a real claustrophobic harshness to the room tone that I think might be fixed with a reverb more to my taste, but its kind of hard to tell. Of course these issues are my own, I would use this in an type of orchestral context which is not what the demos are attempting to expolore.

Also, the walkthrough talks and talk about technical detail and never seems to get out of the way long enough to let us absorb the sound. With is also perhaps just a function of how I'm trying to process something so new and different through my own aesthetic lens.

Still, I'm potentially quite excited about the possibilities of this library. Hopeing there's more demos coming.


This looks great.

When I was posting this elsewhere, I noticed that the name of this is HADZIHA, but on the VI itself is labeled HADZIDHA. ?? o_O

Explain please? :)


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Weeeeeell, thanks for pointing that out. Just a typo in the graphics. Just fixed that and sent new files to our site admin, will probably rerender the walkthrough tomorrow. It's Hadziha, though, definitely. We checked that to be sure, and then I just hit one too many keys when redoing the graphics for the Nth time, and nobody else caught it until now.


I'm also, admittedly, one of the least composerly developers, so I do tend to keep the examples in the walkthroughs very short. I might try to work up the confidence to make one or two of them a bit longer next time, though. It's quite useful to me to know how people perceive those things. Will post more demos if I get them, though they might be hip-hop beats.

Wally Garten

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I picked this up a couple of days ago -- it really is a very different kind of vocal library from the very smooth children's choirs like Genesis or Mercury. It retains some of the rawness of children's singing, with some pleasant, mild variation in tuning, timing, and diction -- while still being eminently musical and useable.

Out of the box it has a very immediate, human quality. But with a little reverb it backs right up and can be more choral/ethereal/angelic/etc. To @ism's comment, I'm guessing this is what you'd want to do if you were going to integrate this library into orchestral works.

A lot of my music straddles the "world" and "science fiction/electronic" genres, and so this slots in very well for me. I've already added some Hadziha sounds to a piece I'm working on. It's a really fun and unusual library!


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Fixed the typo and added four bonus samples of incidental laughter, so anyone who bought this can redownload. Trying to decide if it's worth rerendering the walkthrough with new screen recording, or just load a cover image and say in the description that yeah, the typo's now fixed...

I've spent decades playing bass for amateur church choirs in Texas and Poland, so I think that's given me a pretty good feel for how much the intonation and timing should be off for that "they're not professional singers but they rehearsed and did well" sound.

Also went back and found the post that convinced me to do this, way back from May 2018. It's in this thread: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/in-the-year-2018-what-sample-library-are-u-missing.71665


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Hi, What format are the samples in? I can't find it anywhere. Is this a Kontakt based library? Or do you need any other sampler?



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What format are the samples in? I can't find it anywhere. Is this a Kontakt based library? Or do you need any other sampler?
Mentioned in the original post: "Works in the free Plogue Sforzando sampler." So they are SFZ formatted samples, and you use the free player to use the package.


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Literally inspired by a post on the VI-C forum, where someone complained about not knowing what lyrics he's making an African choir sing, which made me go "hey, I know a guy who can fix that problem". So...
Since you have room on the interface next to each word, why not place the english translation there- right in the interface? Especially since this is the original intent (to let players know what they are singing) and, as we all know, manuals get lost, websites and companies move on...

And then we would still not know what we are playing. ;)

Thanks for all the hard work. It does have a unique and useful sound. I hope someday you can upgrade it into a slick Kontakt version with a few more groups added. Defintely seems like something worth expanding on.


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Excellent suggestion. Lemme try to do another update this weekend.

We've also gotten a few emails about download links not reaching people, so if you've bought this and haven't gotten a link yet, in spam or otherwise, PM me here or email [email protected] and we'll send you your link. That seems to happen with about 10-15% of buyers on our current platform - stuff just gets caught by spam filters. An improvement over sending mails from our file host's mail system, but...

As for future expansions, we'll see about all that. Since day one, we've talked about if this sells well we'll make more, maybe a version with male voices and different phrases. One thing I've noticed is that all syllables in Ewe seem to end in a vowel, which would make doing a full-blown wordbuilder simpler than English or Latin, and almost as simple as Japanese. That's probably not something anybody needs, of course. But technically, it would be possible with roughly 10X as many recordings as we got here.
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