Hackintosh 2018...


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So far, Massive-X is the only program I can think of that won't run on the 5,1 MacPro. We still have a few more years on these machines.


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I am part of testing my system on the new Opencore Project over at Insanelymac:

And there is a lovely guide here :)

Also a Discord channel for discussing all this and getting quick support on hardware/software for both Clover and Opencore

There are a few people who have 18-Core iMac Pro clones

I am thinking about building, either a 16-Core one or an 18-Core machine
Performance is stable on the OC system and you get some better results too

As this is more of a combining with Clover+Ozmosis... it is closer to a real mac because it is designed to support the efi drivers and support better too :)

Looking forward to the future, where I don't pay the Apple overhead of $8K for a nice macOS machine
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