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Greetings from Seattle


Hi there! I realized that I never actually made a "hello my name is.." post and have both been lurking (and posting a bit) for a couple months. I grew up playing the piano, drums and my Mom was a music teacher. When I was younger, I worked in television production, documentary filmmaking and photography in addition to my day job as a Unix sysadmin and database administrator and site-reliability engineer. When I'm not staring at my computer for work, I'm staring at my DAW these days. After COVID struck, many of my regular extracurricular activities were cancelled, and I wanted to put some energy into music. I have always loved film and music, so have tried to learn more about film scoring and writing to picture. It's much easier than video editing, where I was usually cutting to a pre-chosen music track -- and more rewarding. Otherwise, I'm just usually sitting at the keyboard making sounds and playing for pure enjoyment. Hoping to improve my compositions, mastering and orchestration. In the meantime, you'll probably catch me looking for great deals in the forums!

Looking forward to meeting some new people! Btw.. I'm in Seattle, WA
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